How to Know You’re Not a Star Wars Fan

How do you know you’re not a Star Wars fan? You are in the greatest era of Star Wars content ever fathomed and all you do is find stuff to complain about. Today I want to talk to you about fandom, and not just Star Wars fandom but fandom in general. And I hesitate even using the word fandom because there are a lot of people out there on the Internet who pretend to be fans, but they just aren’t. I mean, they are fanatical, some of these people, but not a good way.

All across the internet people are battling it out over Star Wars and other fandoms, arguing about what comes down to nothing more than politics. There are bloggers and YouTubers who do nothing but perpetuate anger, hate and misinformation, for no other reason than to inflate their own egos and get your views, clicks and likes. It’s time to shut those people out of fandom and stop giving the attention they so clearly crave, because they aren’t really fans to begin with

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